(Watch) I Can’t Believe How Much I Enjoy This ‘Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle’ Trailer

I cannot believe how much I enjoyed this trailer. From the studio that brought you email leaks that makes Trump fans anxious, to Sony being the studio that just can’t break up with Spider-Man, comes a reboot slash reimagining of one of your favorite Robin Williams movies comes Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. I’ll say it again, I cannot believe how much this trailer made me laugh. Not being sure where it was going to the comedy angle completely throwing me off in the best ways, this trailer won me over completely.

When I heard Kevin Hart, The Rock, Jack Black, and Karen Gillan were going to be the stars of Jumanji reboot, a part of me fell onto the floor like one of the rose petals in Beauty and the Beast, but since then, this trailer has rejuvenated my spirit when it comes to reboots showing respect to original material, but also modernizing it in an entertaining and fairly original way.

This will clearly be a more lighthearted comedy rather than a slightly moodier action adventure like the first, but that seems to be perfect for the cast and how they do their best work. No, this doesn’t ruin your childhood, and it doesn’t look like a cash grabbing sequel. It looks like a film that builds on a mythology of another film which we know and love. That’s just how I see it anyways, but that’s because this trailer made me belly laugh and have to pause it a couple times because I didn’t recover from laughs prior to more laughs.


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