(Watch) Anime Fans, You’ve Been Warned About This ‘Death Note’ Trailer, It Ain’t Great

Okay, so the trailer isn’t actually thaaaaat bad, but it’s not great if you’re a fan of the hit anime of the same name. While director and actor are talented, I can’t get passed the fact that they are adapting this film with such a sophomoric tone. The anime itself is complex, twisted, and endlessly maze like in plot. What I get from this trailer is an unfairly condensed version of what is a terrific overall story that comes in anime form.

One positive I can absolutely give is Willem Defoe playing the apple loving demon of death Ryuk is promising, but the crime noir, supernatural mystery aspects of the story seem lost in what they’ve substituted for action that doesn’t need to be there.

But before anyone screams whitewashing, it’s not. Anime is as much influenced by European and American cultures as much as anything else could be and their respective characters are shown that way in the anime as well. I still find the imagery to be pretty cool and there’s room for the story to easily prove me wrong, but for right now, why expect anything less than disappointing for an adaptation of a popular anime?


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