Edgar Wright Could Be Up To Direct A Film For The DCEU

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I have yet to see Baby Driver, but we all know the cult success director Edgar Wright has gained over the years with his uniquely original style of film making. With that kind of resume and recent success with his latest film we shouldn’t be shocked his name is coming up for candidacy over at Warner Bros. and DC to direct one of their films.

It’s not like Edgar Wright is a stranger to comics or their adaptations to film since he was the original director for Ant-Man who eventually “left” due to creative differences with Marvel, but beyond Marvel, Wright’s style is very much comic-book esque and his work in that style can’t be more apparent than in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.  As those know who’ve seen Wright’s style of films, they aren’t as in tuned with the model Marvel and Disney prefer to make their films and I say that’s perfectly fine, send him over to DC.

The next question would be the obvious, which character fits the style of Edgar Wright? My first thought is obviously The Flash and it’s no secret there have been issues with trying to keep their directors for this specific character, but while the directors left for the same reason Wright originally left Ant-Man, the changing of the guard over at DC is quickly upon us and this could be the time they let on a director to just… direct.

Wright has admitted to not knowing much about their respective characters at DC and while that hurts my feelings as a sweaty comic book lover, it’s all about making a great film that respects the source material one way or the other, carbon copies of the comics need not apply. In fact, it would work well for a guy like Wright, who knows little about a character to come on to make an unbiased film about one of the many great characters DC has to offer.

The final flaw in this possible pairing in the future is the initiative WB is trying to bring on to save money and avoid financial failures like they’ve had the past few years by avoiding hiring directors who require complete and total control over their films, Wright definitely wants and needs that to make Edgar Wright films. It will be interesting to see if he ends up somehow working on a DC film in the future. I’d also add that with the ambitious idea of wanting 3-4 hero films a year, DC could need a few directors to make that vision come to life, and Wright could very easily just point at which one he wants and go from there.

Source: Screen Geek


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