(Watch) Robert Pattinson Looks Career Defining In New Trailer For Indie Thriller ‘Good Time’

See, it’s not all Batman and Star Wars on this blog, I like indies and redefined careers too! Who’s elevated their career lately? That would be one Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame in what looks to be the best of indie film making with a story that seems fairly straightforward in plot, the brother has to help the other brother within a span of one night.

From the flawless New York accent to the twitchy nature of his character, Pattinson looks to be in tip top form as an actor this time around and that’s credit to him for taking a route that involved being a seriously diverse, honed in actor later in his career. He ditched the sparkles and hair gel to instead gain those Tom Hardy eye movements and prove to us what he can do as a thespian. It doesn’t hurt the reviews from Cannes Film Festival are all positive for Good Time as well, which can be a relative gauge for most people, but you can’t get much better than overall positive reviews.

Even if this gets “too indie” for some people, I think it’s safe to say that we’re all seeing this for the performances overall and as a showcase for Pattinson’s talents.


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