Robert Zemeckis Adds Gwendoline Christie & Steve Carell For Latest Drama

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From the director who gave us Back to the Future, Forest Gump, Cast Away, Flight, and so much more comes Zemeckis’ next directorial effort that doesn’t appear to be The Flash for Warner Brothers like rumors and reports noted. Instead, Zemeckis will be taking on the real life story of originally seen in the 2010 documentary Marwencol about a man who finds solace and restoration through creating a miniature World War II village with the help of his Russian caretaker who will be played by Christie.

Carell has obviously come a long way from being Evan in Bruce Almighty and the underwhelming Evan Almighty, but beyond any of his famous comedy roles, Carell is doing what most great comedic actors do and that is tap into their dramatic sides as their careers continue to flourish. Carell with play Mark Hogancamp, a former cross dresser who was beaten nearly to death by five men outside of a bar.

This looks to be the return of the inspirational dramas that Zemeckis has done so well in the past like with films mentioned above and may prove to be both a solid drama for general going audiences as well as Oscar voters if the film is like how it sounds, but regardless of who the target audience really is, there’s a lot to be excited for this time around, no matter how you felt about his last few films which we’re entertaining enough.

The cast also includes the talents of Diane Kruger, Leslie Mann and Janelle Monae. Zemeckis co-wrote the script with Caroline Thompson.

Source: Variety


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