Ansel Elgort To Play A Young JFK In ‘Mayday 109’

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Baby Driver is getting exceptionally high praise from the critics that have been privileged to see it early and one of their main points to emphasize in the film’s success is the leading man in Ansel Elgort. Being one of the front runners for the now troubling Han Solo film, Elgort plans to take on another one America’s heroes, but this time it would be a far more non-fiction character this time around in the form of a young John F. Kennedy during his time as a Navy captain during World War II.

The amazing true story of follows JFK as the captain of a PT boat that was hit and sunk by Japanese convoys and later on becoming one of the most amazing feats of bravery and heroism in Naval history for the future president of the United States.

Elgort seems like a perfect fit for the role of a young JFK and this is a story ripe for a big screen treatment if the film does the right thing in maintaining the real world excitement of the situation. There’s no director on board just yet, but the writers will be Samuel Franco & Evan Kilgore (Keeper of the Diary), a film that will eventually see Kenneth Branagh star and direct to portray Otto Frank in the future film. While the fit seems to be ideal for Elgort, this quote doesn’t please me all that much from the producers;

“We could not be more excited about Ansel coming aboard,” said Iwanyk. “Not only is he a tremendous actor, he embodies the charisma, athleticism and looks of a young JFK. We love that this is not a biopic nor a film about politics. This is simply a riveting and unbelievable tale that very few people know – about a young man who was a hero long before becoming the iconic 35th President of the United States. With Ansel, we’ve found our perfect JFK.”

Why wouldn’t this be a biopic of sorts? I understand not wanting to fully follow the biopic formula, but there should be a healthy level of realism to such an amazing real life story rather than going off on a action thrill ride over a real life drama like this. We’ll see…

Source: Deadline



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