Venon Confirmed To Go Up Against Carnage on Solo Film

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To no shock of mine, we can now confirm that Tom Hardy’s Venom will face off against one of the most vile, violent characters in the Spider-Man canon in Carnage. 

It still seems as though they are trying to go the Rated-R route at Sony with this news, that still doesn’t mean this movie should be a thing without Spider-Man. Sure, this could be a pretty cool spin-off that takes on a more serious, adult tone to it all with these specific characters, but the world seems incomplete if you don’t have Peter Parker or even a Miles Morales somewhere at some point.

Carnage is the only real villain worth pitting against Venom in a spin off like this for the obvious reasoning being behind their origins and abilities. Venom is a Spider-Man villain a majority of the time with Eddie Brock being his most iconic host to the alien symbiote, but when that symbiote falls onto a deranged serial killer named Cletus Kasady then things definitely take a more chilling turn.

There are still no reports or rumors as to who would be in contention for the role, but I personally would love to see a relative unknown take on the role and pit them against a Tom Hardy.

The character is infamous for being the reason Venom gets the title of anti-hero throughout the comics simply because he and Spider-Man have had to join forces to take down Carnage together. That’s still a plot fans deserve to see and Sony is very capable of making, but they’d rather do Spider-Man villain solo films instead… I could go on about that for hours, but I’m just too tired.

Just know this when thinking of who you’d cast for Carnage slash Cletus Kasady, the dude killed his grandmother, his dog, a girl who didn’t like him, and plenty of inmates while in prison, that should be enough to tell you that you need someone that fuses Rorschak and the Joker and Ted Bundy.

Source: BirthMoviesDeath & The Hollywood Reporter