Tommy Lee Jones & Brad Pitt Set To Star In Sci-Fi Epic ‘Ad Astra’

Image result for ad astra tommy lee jones

Besides there being excitement behind the two names now surrounding this film, Ad Astra sounds like it could be a fusion of Interstellar and possibly Arrival if we’re talking the humanistic drama of it all . Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones, two of Hollywood’s best, get to be in a film together which makes for their first collaboration as actors.

Director James Gray, who directed the unseen, but supposedly very good Lost City of Z will direct the film and co-write the script with Fringe scribe Ethan Gross. Pitt and Gray were supposed to collab on The Lost City of Z, but Pitt’s role went to Charlie Hunnam due to scheduling conflicts. Thankfully for Hunnam, the role gained critical praise in comparison to the lack of praise anywhere for King Arthur this year.

Pitt will play a mildly autistic space engineer who looks for his father, most likely Jones, after being sent on a one way mission to Neptune in search of alien life. Pitt’s character would be in a search to understand what happened to his lost father sort of like a space mystery of sorts with Gray even comparing it to the iconic novel Heart of Darkness to describe in an interview how the film will bring characters into unknown, dangerous territory which Pitt’s character will likely face in space.

If there’s one thing Pitt is great at, it’s being capable to have a commanding lead presence while still bringing us in with his versatile acting range which will likely happen as he leads us “to the stars” in Ad Astra.

Source: ScreenRant & Deadline


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