RUMOR: Was The Han Solo Film Turning Out To Be Too Silly For The Star?

Image result for alden ehrenreich han solo

I know I painted Kathleen Kennedy as the possible villain of this story, but with more news and details surfacing each day it just makes the waters only that much murkier. We’re hearing things like how the shoot was filled with improvised silliness and how it felt like Ace Ventura meets Han Solo, which is not the tone you’d want for Han Solo, and you could see how the star of a major film like this would have some concerns.

Still, why is all of this coming out now instead of in the meetings with the directors and why the hell does this keep happening with the recent attempts at anthology films? Clearly they want to bring on young directors to create this films, but there hasn’t been a director outside of J.J. Abrams, a veteran director, that has filmed the movie they wanted in the first place.

We know all about the Rogue One reshoots and how the film was supposedly too dark for LucasFilm’s taste and they scrapped some of the scenes to lighten it up a bit and Lord knows what happened with all that Josh Trank stuff in the past, but this goes to show that if you plan to direct a Star Wars film, just realize you aren’t getting that ultimate freedom like you think you’re going to get.

Ehrenreich is taking on the role of a lifetime that can and will either make or break the career he’s trying to further so that makes perfect sense for him to be cautious about the production of the film. It doesn’t seem like he was malicious in intent with these supposed reports, but playing Han Solo and knowing what fans expect from him would make me honed in as well if I felt the direction of the film.

(No confirmed sources, just rumors)


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