‘The Batman’ Director Matt Reeves Wants Film To Be Inspired By Hitchcock

It felt like it was only yesterday when we were getting news about the downfall of Ben Affleck’s The Batman over at Warner Bros. From Affleck disliking the script and reports stating the scripts in general weren’t up to par with the star’s standards only for Affleck to drop out of directing the film to focus on the acting portion. Then Matt Reeves signed on and the world started spinning in the direction it needed to be.

With War For The Planet of the Apes looking to be the film we all want it to be, I have strong believe that Reeves is the man to bring The Batman to life like we want. His latest comments excite me all the more as he wants to bring more Hitchcockian perspective to the film.

While we love Nolan’s Batman films for being a breakdown of an iconic character if he was set in a truly believable world, the detective work that Batman is praised for in his comics is not ever the main focus simply because most people at studios probably don’t think that’s a good selling point. BUT, if this year has shown, superhero films are better suited when the characters are given an honest and immersive perspective to follow and be engrossed in as Matt Reeve states to CNET:

“For me, point of view is really important. I want to make sure you are experiencing something from the perspective of the main character in the story. I’m a huge Hitchcock fan – I like the idea of being immersed in that perspective.”

If Reeves is as big a fan of Hitchcock as I think he is, I hope this Batman film hones in on suspense, drips with atmosphere, and gets into our heads like many great films before it. Reeves also goes on to say something that also makes me think that he was the right choice thanks to this quote:

“Movies for me are about empathy. The idea is to make you, the audience, feel what the character feels.”

I don’t know, but I have a gut feeling that sad Affleck is going to take a whole new meaning with Reeves at the helm and I think that’s a good thing. I have no doubt that there will be some insane action, but Batman is not just a martial arts expert, he’s a grizzled, psychologically disturbed detective at his core, and that’s what we want to see yet again on the big screen.

Source: CNET


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