(Watch) Groundhog’s Day Goes Horror In ‘Happy Death Day’ Trailer From Blumhouse

I’m not sure how comedic this is supposed to be, but however much comedy and horror they intended for the film has worked out regardless. It’s tricky to have a fully original film of any kind, but it can be easy to fall into tropes of a genre like horror or action or anything in between, but when you are able to hook us with a trailer for Edge of Tomorrow type of film in the horror/mystery world then you’re on the right track.

Blumhouse is easily the best production company to be at when you have a quality horror film worth making because this studio manages to make gold out of incredibly small budgets while still managing to get the talent tell and express a great story.

The title at first wasn’t anything I planned on taking seriously and to be honest, the trailer at the beginning seemed like a cliche waiting to happen, but just like that, we see the twist that still has a twist we need to figure out. It’s a horrific concept that feels way worse than fighting aliens or realizing that being an asshole weather man isn’t worth it.


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