Danny Elfman Replaces Junkie XL To Score Justice League

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With Zack Snyder stepping down from directing all together due to being with his family after a heartbreaking tragedy and Hans Zimmer (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman) claiming he’s burnt out with scoring superhero films, we will have another veteran composer stepping in to take his place. Danny Elfman is no stranger to superhero films or great films in general with his constant collaborations being on Tim Burton films while making iconic scores for Batman (1989) and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy.

Junkie XL had some classy words to say after being replaced by Elfman by showing respect to his mentor Hans Zimmer, Zack Snyder, and Warner Bros. stating that: “As my mentor told me – you haven’t made in Hollywood until you get replaced on a project. So I guess I finally graduated this week.” He goes on to thank those mentioned above.

With the man learning under such a great composer and hopefully taking the reigns, you would have hoped he could continue that metal like composition that Zimmer is so great at, but with Whedon taking on final production of Justice League and having fairly different styles and preferences, it’s just possible Junkie wasn’t bringing what Whedon felt served the film.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter




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