(WATCH) Marvel’s Black Panther Looks to Be Worth the Wait In Official Teaser Trailer

When director Ryan Coogler was brought on to direct Black Panther for Marvel, the level of anticipation erupted like a volcano. With the success of Chadwick Boseman’s introduction in Captain America: Civil War, fans like myself couldn’t wait for the solo film to be released, but with this teaser trailer it looks like Coogler is going to bring that magic yet again, but on the largest scale he can possibly do it on.

With the absolutely phenomenal introduction to Andy Serkis’ Ulysses Klaue giving us the real tease of what’s to come with the trailer, I couldn’t help but get chills when he said the line, “Explorers called it El Dorado, they searched in South America for it, but it was in Africa the whole time.” Chills. F**king chills.

Not only does the ethnically correct cast prove to be effective, as we’d expect, but it’s putting the culture of Africans in a strong, powerful light rather than what you’ve seen on sad commercials and all of Blood Diamond (which I love). Instead, we get a teaser that shows T’Challa’s main cast of villains and heroes in all their badassery, but the most interesting aspect of Marvel’s films as of late are the costumes that seem to be similar in each of the last five films not including Ant-Man. The bright colors and shiny armors look like designs we’re going to see in Thor: Ragnarok, but hopefully that’s not actually a bad thing and we just films that equal the quality of their teaser trailers.


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