(Watch) The Mountain Between Us Looks To Be A Survival Story With Two of Hollywood’s Best

Sure the title sounds like another throw away Nicholas Sparks novel, but instead of a ridiculous love story about another white couple from the south, we are thrown on a mountain side with Idris Elba and Kate Winslet in a battle for survival. With the two insanely outstanding actors working together you have to at least be entranced at their on screen chemistry even though they aren’t a couple.

Instead, we get a story about two people who have to survive on a frozen mountain side with a dog and a crashed plane. On top of that it looks they are going to have to remember everything they watched from Les Stroud’s Survivorman and fuse that with Leonardo DiCaprio’s Hugh Glass, freezing water and all.

If it wasn’t for that scene of them crashing looking super fake or the ironic shot of Winslet sinking in the freezing depths of the lake she was on – Titanic anyone? – then I would have bought this a little more, but they also showed us so many damn plot points by the trailers end that I’m not sure I feel any real suspense. Just as long as the dog doesn’t die then I’m okay, but so help me God if that lab dies…


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