(Watch) Logan Lucky Is The Return of Director Steven Soderbergh & Questionable Southern Accents

After hearing about the return of Steven Soderbergh with the new film Logan Lucky, I was more than pleased. The director of such films like Magic Mike and the Ocean’s series, you have to be a little stoked about what he plans on doing next, right? Well, wrangle up a cast that has the likes of Daniel Craig, Adam Driver, Channing Tatum, Hillary Swank, Sebastian Stan, Riley Keough, Katie Holmes, and Seth McFarlane, then you know something is up.

Soderbergh knows ensembles like Italians know pasta, but not all ensembles are created equal. While I like the absolute madhouse that is this trailer, the oddball southern accents, southern stereotypes, and everything else in between was room temperature for me most of the time. Still, I have more a fascination than an excitement to see this movie when it comes out.

While I like seeing Daniel Craig not being Bond for once – because I want to see him stretch his skills more – he seems like he could be the character we look out for, but with Tatum and Driver being two skilled comedic talents along with being actors who have grown exponentially in the dramatic department, I have a hunch their chemistry would make even Walter White proud.



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