(Watch) Writer of Sicario & Hell or High Water Writes/Directs Chilling New Thriller ‘Wind River’

Taylor Sheridan could easily be the next great writer in Hollywood thanks to his outstanding scripts to Sicario and Hell or High Water, two films that made my Top 10 List the years they came out respectively. Now Sheridan finds himself writing and directing his more noteworthy feature film with faces you can recognize in Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen aka Scarlett Witch and Hawkeye solve a mystery.

From what I hear from those who saw the film at Sundance, this trailer doesn’t do the film justice, but from the mystery that looms over the trailer and the actors involved, it would be hard not to buy this. While the cutting of the trailer made the story look inches away from being a made for TV drama, I’m holding out a lot of hope that it’s definitely not that with Sheridan’s history as an actor, writer, and now director.

This gave me a vibe of Insomnia and Mystic River will a hint of Shooter for good measure which are all movies I thoroughly enjoy which makes me intrigued to see this when it comes out. It’s also refreshing to see some Native people getting roles in a film which we don’t see often enough.


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