(Watch) Final Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Is Solid and Comes With Two New Posters

Tom Holland is the hot actor as of late and with his news of being cast as a younger Nathan Drake for the Uncharted movie we will be seeing him more and more. But first, we have to see him in his solo Spider-man movie which has it’s final trailer (as seen above) show us a little bit more of the plot that we may have already been able to piece to together.

I mean yeah, this trailer didn’t reveal as much as that second trailer did, which is good, but for a final trailer I almost wish they either used the second trailer as the final and cut this trailer up to be the second trailer. It was fine, it proved to us what most of us already seemed to figure out, which is making me repetitive as this point, but that’s exactly what the trailers have been. I’ve enjoyed seeing Peter be the goofy teenager go up against villains that he’s not ready to face and I’m excited to see him go against these villains.

The thing I’m excited for most? The abilities of the Stark tech Spidey suit. Not only is it far more advanced than any other Spider-Man suit on film that we’ve seen, but it finally show us the magnitude of what Spidey can do with the suit and without the suit respectively as well as what comes from which.

Posters below:

Image result for spider-man: homecoming poster



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