Top Gun 2 Is Happening With Tom Cruise

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Whether you’re an 80’s baby or just a person that has seen Top Gun, the 80’s classic that starred a young duo by the names of Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer with the direction of the late-great Tony Scott. It was a story about a cocky fighter pilot sent off to the Naval Fighter Weapons School due to his reckless behavior. Cruise plays that iconic pilot by the name of Maverick and goes at odds with the other pilots throughout the film. It’s full of 80’s cheese, thumbs up, and plenty of other ridiculous things your uncle loves and remembers about the film so you should tell him that they are finally making a sequel to the film.

Cruise’s Oblivion director Joseph Kosinski is the front-runner to direct the film for Paramount and Skydance, but like most studios tend to do, they didn’t comment on the matter.

Kosinski is supposedly the mind behind the great story idea that was pitched which ultimately won him the job says Variety. Also, Jungle Book screenwriter Justin Marks has been tapped to write the sequel that has been in the back of Cruise’s and the studio’s minds for years now.

What excites me about the idea of the film is how dog-fighting – aerial combat – is being replaced by the real life drone technology of the world which makes the pilots more or less obsolete. There’s tons to work with on the idea of drones in this day and age and how there is always a need for real people making judgement calls on the situations of war and threat prevention. Let’s just hope that idea doesn’t turn into Stealth. 

Source: Variety


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