Tom Holland Cast As A Young Nathan Drake For ‘Uncharted’ Movie

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It’s like Sony Pictures wants to make their fans angry with each passing bit of news. Coming courtesy of Deadline, the adaptation of popular video game Uncharted has found it’s Nathan Drake, but instead of casting actors like Chris Pratt, Nathan Fillion, Bradley Cooper, and so on, the studio has chosen a much younger actor who just so happens to be the new Spider-Man.

Tom Holland will be cast as the younger version of Nathan Drake for a prequel to the Uncharted film world which, thanks to RagTagRiot, has given me the non-gamer information on the character in the past which describes him as more vulgar, quippy version of Indiana Jones, and is usually much older with some exceptions of flashback scenes.

The news of the prequel wouldn’t be an issue if Sony wasn’t forcing their staff to basically rewrite and re-do their original story for the sake of an actor. When it comes to movies, the story is what should come first and the characters in, not the actors playing them. Holland is not someone video game fans or movie fans should be mad at, though, his talents are only going to get better with each feature film he becomes a part of, but how can we put full trust in the studio that had to reboot Spider-Man because they busted their loads to early on other ideas that would never see the screen?

Real Steel and one of Stranger Things director’s Shawn Levy will be taking on the directors chair for the film which originally had the likes of Joe Carnahan set to write and direct. Levy is great with that PG-13 level of fun and adventure that could fit a prequel film, but I’m curious about the follow up films, if they get that far, and how they cast the grown Nathan Drake and so on.

To leave this on a positive note, if Sony does at least have plans for the older Nathan Drake in their films, maybe a prequel that gets the film to go in chronological order is a good thing and their leading man is a wonderful actor with only upside to look forward too in the future of his film career.

Source: Deadline


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