Justice League Dark Loses Director Doug Liman

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In the trend of DC and Warner Bros. losing directors to other films, this report will not break that trend by any means so don’t worry…

Director Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow), has left Justice League Dark, the property of DC Comics and Warner Bros. that features John Constantine as the leader of supernatural heroes and sometimes anti-heroic characters that fight the forces of evil where the normal Justice League can’t.

Liman had left Fox’s Gambit project when that looked like the studio had no clue what they were doing when a budget inflated up to nearly $200 million which ultimately was the line for Liman. Liman will also be directing Chaos Walking for Lionsgate which is what may have caused the schedule conflict which has been the report. While Liman is obviously swamped (pun intended) with other projects after such a great job on Edge of Tomorrow it makes sense that his schedule is just too crowded for a tentpole film like this.

His possible replacement is what we should be somewhat excited for, assuming he’s signed on and actually stays on the project, and that is It and Mama director Andy Muschietti. What better option other than James Wan is there right now for a horror Image result for andy muschietticentric comic book movie like this than the guy who has done two horror films thus far with Mama being a surprise hit for a lot of people and with It not even out yet and the trailer is the most watched trailer with a 24 hour span globally with 197 million views. He’s doing something right.

Originally, Guillermo del Toro was the director for the project, but also left due to scheduling conflicts, but maybe del Toro can make room to give some life to this film and the DC Extended Universe in general. With Joss Whedon now in the mix with Batgirl and finishing up scenes for Justice League, it wouldn’t hurt to at least give del Toro a call, right?

Liman’s upcoming projects include The Wall which has been subject to great reviews and American Made which will star, you guessed it, Tom Cruise.

Source: Variety


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