(Watch) Will Ferrell & Amy Poehler Create A Casino In Their Basement In Red Band Trailer For ‘The House’

As much as I can’t stand comedies of the modern era – oh how pretentious Travis – this one has a fairly clever concept that gives the idea of Breaking Bad without the drugs and murder. I haven’t really liked Will Ferrell movies in a long time, but I’ve always enjoyed seeing Amy Poehler wherever she is.

The idea that two parents are too broke to pay for their daughters college tuition is such a brilliant idea that could say a lot through humor, but what bothers me the most is that these parents raised an intelligent, beautiful young woman, and they’re the ones that act dumb? Come on man. That’s so disrespectful to the talent of the comedians and the premise they’re dealing with. The best comedy comes from intellect and thought provoking wit and this is a film that could easily create all that, but instead we’re getting another stupid humor film with predictable jokes.

On the other side of the coin, I laughed by the end, and I can’t really tell you why. Maybe it’s because I’m obsessed with those screaming goats videos and anytime someone does a high pitched squeal for humor I’ll chuckle. I am crazy for finding the trailer disappointing, but sort of promising, or is this trailer just total booty cheeks?


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