Tom Hardy Officially Cast As Venom For Sony Standalone Movie

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Sony hasn’t really done much of anything with their properties to get us excited and the standalone Venom film wasn’t anything fans had been overly interested in, but casting the likes of Tom Hardy and getting director Ruben Fleischer for the film changes the dynamic for the better.

The Venom standalone is one of Sony’s top priorities as of now and it’s showing with casting a star like Hardy who was just nominated for his role in The Revenant while getting Fleischer – who was being looked at for Suicide Squad 2 – is a great choice. Fleischer’s work includes Zombieland and the very disappointing Gangster Squad. 

While casting Hardy is huge and probably a great move for the studio, it’s still a bummer they couldn’t find an unknown or a more off kilter choice for the role, but since Sony wants to do Spider-Man character spin-off films in the future, locking down a star makes sense. With that being said, I still don’t understand how or why you’d have villain spin-off films without Spider-Man being mentioned. Tom Holland looks like he’s going to be a phenomenal Spider-Man for years to come and not having him fight arguably his most anticipated villain seems idiotic.

For awhile, many of us thought that Sony would go in the direction of Flash Thompson, Peter Parker’s bully turned friend, as the solo movie Venom, but it’s confirmed that Hardy will play the classic rendition of the character i.e. Eddie Brock.

Venom was in the plans later on after Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but after the film failed critically and was disappointing to tons of fans, Sony’s luck went only downhill from there. Still, Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner wrote the script back in 2014 which will be used for the film. With Spider-Man not even mentioned in any of the reports and the rumors that they wanted this film to be Rated-R, don’t get your hopes up for Tom Holland to appear anywhere in this one.

Source: Sony Pictures


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