David Ayer In Talks To Direct Scarface Remake

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Before you get your Walter White undies in a bunch, let’s be clear here, remakes are not evil or bad things, but I understand why you get tired of seeing them come to life. That being said, the Scarface film we all know and love that every college boy has in their dorm is in fact a remake of the 1932 film of the same name. The story of Scarface is fantastic in so many ways, but mainly because it is able to be told through different perspectives from each era.

David Ayer is no stranger to crime dramas or gritty films by any means as seen in his breakout as the screenwriter for Training Day only to go on and direct films like End of Watch, Fury, and Suicide Squad. Say what you want about the latter, but the man knows how to direct crime and militaristic realism which is evident since he himself is a former Naval submariner.

With Joel and Ethan Coen (No Country For Old Men, Fargo, Barton Fink) fixing up the script for the film – originally written by Terrence Winter (The Wolf of Wall Street) – the excitement was there. With Antoine Fuqua originally being the director on the project and since dropping out, the search for a director was on. Names like Peter Berg (Lone Survivor, Patriot’s Day) have popped up as a possible director, but with his two recent films making far less money than they were made for, I don’t think it’s wise to bring him on, and that’s more selfish reasons than anything.

The speculation on the plot, that will star Diego Luna (Rogue One) in the title role, is that the film will be centered around the Mexican Cartel which breeds relevancy to today’s war on drugs and crime.

Ayer has his Netflix original film starring Joel Egerton and Will Smith coming out soon on the streaming site titled Bright while he and Margot Robbie are supposedly still working on Gotham City Sirens. Ayer was originally a name for the remake back in 2011 and appears to be coming full circle for him to take on the film again. My only request, make it a long, epic crime film like the original. It can have it’s own original plot details and characters all you want, but I want epic. 

Source: Deadline


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