(Watch) Emma Stone & Steve Carell Are Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs In ‘Battle of the Sexes’

I could not tell you why there were so many dislikes on this trailer, but I found this to be a genuinely engaging snippet into what looks to be a really impressive film. Obviously casting now Oscar-winner Emma Stone and Oscar-nominated Steve Carell is never a bad thing, but to cast them both in roles that allows them to show drama and humor, both of their strengths, I don’t see where this film goes wrong.

I wasn’t alive for this story so it’s a fresh plot in my mind, but thanks to Michael Jackson I at least don’t find the name Billie Jean weird anymore. From the directors of the dark comedy Little Miss Sunshine I have to believe those stylings are going to seep through this film as well.

The fight for gender equality for whatever reason is still an issue we have to face so it’s refreshing to see a trailer about a true life event that both pokes fun at the gender issues, but also brings it into the light. For all you snowflakes out there from both sides of the spectrum, I hope you enjoy.


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