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Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Review: Pacing Issues Don’t Deter From The Genuine Heart & Fun Of This Marvel Sequel

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There’s nothing better than being pleasantly surprised. Whether it be liking an album or movie you’d never heard of or knowing you’re not pregnant, the original Guardians of the Galaxy is that minus sign on your pee stick…

It was no surprise we would get a sequel from the smash hit original film that made close to a billion dollars with characters even comic book fans rarely heard of, if at all, but once we fell in love with sarcastic humor, intergalactic settings, and genuinely believable human emotion, time couldn’t speed up for the sequel. James Gunn returned to write and direct the sequel with all the original cast as well as some seriously strong actors making their respective appearances in the new Marvel Cinematic Universe. Gunn decided to go an interesting route with his sequel, making it a family oriented drama with connective tissue to bring forward a story that hopefully gains a little more muscle in the third film.

While the film returned with some solid gut laughs and really pleasing action sequences, the film lacked due to the cluster of a lot of promising ideas that don’t get the focus they need to keep you honed in as much as you could. As Marvel continues to do, we get an uninspired nor memorable villain for the Guardians to take on nor do any twists and turns land in an unexpected way. Gunn doesn’t shy away from the pop up humor either, which, in some instances worked, but other times took away from what could have been emotionally gripping scenes to add to the depth of a lot of the characters. Hopefully Gunn learns that showing is better than constantly telling the audience as far as emotions go because there are some scenes that don’t even need dialogue to set the scene in motion as well as give validity to the characters feelings during that time.

Trust me, this does not need to turn into Batman or Watchmen with it’s sequel and the fun doesn’t need to go anywhere, but hopefully we can avoid giant light beams, lifeless villains (which we still get says Kevin Feige), and rushed or clustered plot lines. I think Gunn did a good job by the end of the film when there was no fighting, no action, and just characters showing us what we should have seen from the beginning of the film. That’s really the main issue I have with the movie in general. Drax is terrific and steals the show like we expected, Yondu (Michael Rucker) gives a brilliant performance as well, while Rocket and Groot’s personalities change each time we see them for the better.

Hopefully we get a more focused film with the third film because there is a lot to love about these characters and it would be a sin to not dig deeper into their exoduses while dealing each other as completely different beings in a galaxy that may not be big enough for all of their egos…



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