Pretty & Funny Guy Zac Efron To Play Infamous Serial Killer Ted Bundy


Trust me, I am not upset that Efron is finally taking his talents to a film to spread his wings, but damn, going from raunchy comedies to a film about one of the most infamous living organisms is some transition. With that being said, the film isn’t going to glorify the monster by any stretch, but rather be told through the perspective of Bundy’s long time girlfriend who fought against the allegations on Bundy for years before seeing that her boyfriend was a demon from hell.

The film will be directed by documentary filmmaker Joe Berlinger and will be titled Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, an appropriate title to say the least. As we saw with the Black List script for a Madonna biopic, the script for Extremely Wicked will be by unknown talent by the name of Michael Werwie.

It gives me hope that films on the Hollywood Black List are coming to fruition and gaining traction to be produced and finally brought to life. Other films from the Black List include Source Code, Juno, Adventureland, Prisoners, The Social Network, and many many more. If this film turns out to be like any of these films as far as quality goes then we are in for a wild ride.

Ted Bundy has been depicted in many mediums over the decades, but this appears to be the film that will showcase his villainy on the silver screen with noteworthy acting talent. Efron has been one of those actors that we’ve seen go from Disney heart throb to heart throb funny man within the last few years, but I’m convinced he can do a Channing Tatum or even Leonardo DiCaprio if he really wanted to and take on juicier roles like this. They’re going to really need to work on making him less pretty though or I’ll be distracted for two hours.

Oh, for those who don’t know, Bundy and his relationship with police detective Robert Keppel is what inspired the story of Silence of the Lambs. Bundy was considered a handsome, wholesome man to those who knew him which may be why they thought of Efron in the role. He’s likable, believable, and obviously a good looking guy so hopefully we can see those acting chops put to good use.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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