Russell Crowe & David Oyelowo Circling Court Room Drama ‘Arc of Justice’

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Coming off of being a scene stealer in Shane Black’s The Nice Guys, Russell Crowe along with Selma breakout star David Oyelowo are circling a biopic about the true life events of the  Clarence Darrow-Ossian Sweet civil rights cases.

The story will be adapted from the book following the cases titled Arc of Justice which the film will be titled as well. Oyelowo has already signed on for the film while Crowe seems to be nearing a deal with the project. The film will be directed by Jose Padilha who gained critical and fan praise for his work on the Netflix original series Narcos. 

Set in the jazz age of 1925, Oyelowo will play an African-American doctor who is victim of a racially motivated crime that has him on the stands for murder. His defense was funded by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People or the NAACP as most people know it, which was Darrow who would be played by Crowe.

Oyelowo can be seen in the smaller biopic drama A United Kingdom where he plays an African king who marries a white British woman and Crowe plays Dr. Jekyl in Tom Cruise’s The Mummy later this year.

Source: Variety


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