R-Rated Hellboy In The Works With Stranger Things’ David Harbour

Image result for david harbour stranger things

Well, this is unexpected to say the least. With Guillermo del Toro being the director who first brought Hellboy on screen with his muse Ron Perlman to Hellboy like Wolverine is to Hugh Jackman, it’s shocking to say the least the film reboot is currently in the works. Sure, Harbor has a great build for the role, and make-up has proven successful when bringing the character to life, but Perlman’s voice makes everything that much better.

Del Toro wanted his third film with the returning talents, but his rumored $200 million budget he wanted for the film was never going to happen through Legendary or any other studio for that matter. The films were not as big of financial successes as other comic book characters and didn’t earn that inflated budget for del Toro to work with. Of course, with making everything Rated-R being the newest trend in Hollywood thanks to Deadpool and the success with Logan, the film has already gone far along with the process.

With Harbour starring in the title role replacing Perlman, del Toro will be replaced Game of Thrones and The Descent director Neill Marshall which is actually a pretty nice choice if you look at it. Marshall’s big scale, atmospheric drama through horror and genre films is perfect for an R-Rated Hellboy film that could explore the creepier stories that maybe haven’t been explored like we see in the comics. If you haven’t seen The Descent and want to get scared, treat yourselves.

The news is surprising, but just typing all this made me feel at ease and weirdly comforted with the talent surrounding the film. I’m curious who they cast alongside Harbour and where they want the stories to go.

Source: (Hellboy Creator) Mike Mignola


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