(Watch) Film Music Documentary ‘Score’ Finally Brings All The Great Composers Into One Film

If you’ve been rocking with me long enough you know my obsession with film scores and the musical compositions that make great movies greater or good film to great. From John Williams to Hans Zimmer to Trent Reznor, we are going to get a documentary that finally brings all of them in one run time to show us the art of creating a score.

Documentaries don’t normally get a lot of mainstream love unless it’s a Disney nature based doc or if it ends up on a streaming network, but either way, it’s cool to know that we film fans can have even more to look forward too in the future with music side of the process.

The film has been in the works for two years by Emmy-winning producer Matt Schrader who looks to be taking home plenty of independent film awards for his film among other accolades. That’s promising in of itself and with my favorites all on screen (hopefully), count me in.


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