Will Smith To Team Up With Ang Lee For Clone Assassin Movie ‘Gemini Man’

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Not that Will Smith has gone anywhere, but he seems to be in a bunch of below average films with constantly above average performances. His diversity of directors that he’s worked with is always fascinating to see in the news, but this one is definitely the most interesting thus far. Smith is in negotiations to star in one of the longest held scripts in Hollywood which may be locking down Ang Lee to direct with Jerry Bruckheimer set to produce.

The film is about an aging assassin who has to go up against his clone who happens to be 25 years younger than him. If Will Smith isn’t the perfect guy to play young and old then I’m not sure who you pick.

If you want to know how long this script has been around in Hollywood, let’s go back to 1997 where the film was almost directed by Tony Scott (Ridley Scott’s since deceased brother), but was never able to get filmed because the technology just wasn’t there yet. Since then, it’s clear they can make doubles of actors with all different types of technologies whether it be with actors just filming two different scenes and the editors slicing them together and all that cool stuff or what you saw in The Social Network with Armie Hammer and just pasting an actor’s face onto another body.

My question then becomes this, with a script so old, and film having changed so much, will this be an outdated script or is it that good that they didn’t need to change much?

Smith could be busier than ever if he takes on the rumored role of Genie in Disney’s live-action Aladdin, but Smith has been known to turn down some seriously big roles in the past for other films i.e. Neo (The Matrix), Superman (Superman Returns), and even Django (Django Unchained). Crazy right?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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