(Watch) Cars 3 Trailer Shows Lightening McQueen Trying To Solidify His Legacy

Okay, before we start hating on the Cars franchise, which I do often, I am being honest with you, this is a really impressive trailer. One thing about Pixar is that they always want to deliver quality originality. Cars I & II were definitely some of their weaker films, but even with those two films making adults want to fall asleep in theaters, it looks like Pixar wants to make a film worth enjoying if you’re a parent or adult.

I was surprised how well cut the trailer was with the dramatic car flip that Lightening has early on and the drama that he faces when he is told that his career as a racer is close to done. There is something there that I was able to latch on beyond Larry the Cable Guy as a rusty pick up truck. There was substance to the story they are trying to sell and that’s refreshing for this franchise.

Hopefully they keep this type of tone for the film that they showed in the trailer, but if Pixar has proven anything, it’s that they aren’t afraid to take you on a feels trip for two hours. I won’t doubt Pixar with this third installment and I will admit I got chills a few times during the trailer’s run-time.


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