Vince McMahon Will Get Biopic Titled ‘Pandemonium’ At TriStar

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Biopics are always fun to discuss because usually it means there is a story that not a lot of people know about. The WWE wouldn’t be what it is and was without Vince McMahon. The mafia like drama that goes into how the WWE came to prominence and everything else in between will make for great cinema if what I’m imagining comes to the screen.

The film will be directed by both Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (Crazy, Stupid, Love) who definitely have their own unique, flashy style which could work with a McMahon biopic. Their other film Focus starring Margot Robbie and Will Smith was a fun little film that went under the radar until it’s release to VOD and DVD, but their potential to tell a good story is definitely there, and they could do it with drama and humor.

With the WWE still thriving and Vince McMahon still alive and well, the script went through a few trials to get his blessing. That concerns me just a little bit because if he saw anything in the script that he didn’t want, he has the right (more or less) to tell them to take it out of the film.

The story of McMahon fascinates me on so many levels beyond the wrestling alone. His dramatic childhood alone would be enough for a movie with him having stepfather after stepfather only to eventually meet his biological father who would one day give him the keys to the ring aka the World Wrestling Federation. His story plays like a weird wrestling version of a gangster movie that deals with him invading territories of other regional wrestling corporations and ruffling the feathers of his once allies turned competitors.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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