Top Blacklist Script For Madonna Biopic ‘Blond Ambition’ In The Works At Universal

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When I was looking up the information on this script and the details around the long awaited script to film, all I could really find was how Madonna didn’t like what was in the script. That doesn’t come as shocking news since pretty much all artists from Queen’s living members, to Frank Sinatra’s family, and now Madonna herself don’t like all the insane detail that go into the scripts.

Blond Ambition is the name of the top Black List script written by first time screenwriter – there is still hope for me – Elyse Hollander.

No director has been attached, but director turned super producer, Brett Ratner and his RatPac Productions have had their hands in tons of great films as of late. Sadly, the potential of this film could be delayed all the further after Madonna went onto her Instagram to completely disregard the project stating, “Nobody knows what I know and what I have seen. Only I can tell my story. Anyone else who tries is a charlatan and a fool.”

That’s usually not a good sign for a movie if the star doesn’t approve of it, but there are ways around these things if need be. I found it funny to read that Madonna had discredited a line of early dialogue from the script which turned out to be a direct quote from an interview she had on American Bandstand. 

This is all coming to be an interesting project that is waiting in the winds, but if it does come to fruition, the next question’s are obviously who will direct and who will star as the pop icon?

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter


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