The Live-Action Lion King Has Found It’s Timon and Pumbaa

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Live-action remakes just aren’t going anywhere folks and when every 90’s kid heard that they were doing The Lion King, a blanket of silence covered most American towns and cities. So far, the casting has been pretty good when it comes to voices which includes the return of Mufasa himself, James Earl Jones, as well as Donald Glover as the voice of adult Simba. It looks like we can throw in two comedic names for Simba’s mentors and comedic relief with Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner soon to be the voices of Timon and Pumbaa.

As you could have assumed, Rogen with voice Pumbaa and Eichner will be Timon. Obviously, these are two talented comedians, but they also have definitive voices, which, in a mostly (if not all) CGI film with no physical people like in The Jungle Book, you need voices that can transport you to that world with characters we know and love.

Will or can they sing? I don’t know. That’s my whole issue with these live-action remakes in the first place. The songs are what make a majority of these films and if it isn’t the songs, it’s the iconic voice acting done by so many recognizable people. Both actors have worked together and are pals, from what I can tell, so I don’t imagine them having too much difficulty voicing together.

Rogen has made a fair share of voice appearances in films like Sausage Party, Shrek the Third, and Kung Fu Panda. Other large and notable roles have yet to be filled, but last time I heard, Beyonce was the number one choice to voice Nala, but that still leaves the hyenas, Zazu, Rafiki, and of course Scar. Not sure how you top any of those roles, but let’s hope Favreau really hones in and gets some good ones.

Source: The Wrap


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