M. Night Shayamalan Finally Making True Sequel To ‘Unbreakable’ Called ‘Glass’

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You’ve been warned and if you’re not interested in spoilers, this is your second warning….

Okay. With Shyamalan returning to form with his hit film and surprise pseudo sequel to Unbreakable, Split starring James McAvoy, we will finally see a true sequel to them both with the Shyamalan’s next film Glass. Taking to his twitter, the director finally revealed to the world his long awaited universe that is completely original and not tied to a more traditional cinematic universe like we’ve seen in recent years.

The title, for those who have yet to see Unbreakable, is the last name of Samuel L. Jackson’s character from the film who ends up being the villain.

It would bring back up and comer Anya Taylor-Joy as Casey Cooke from Split as well as Jackson and Bruce Willis. How and why their worlds will collide is exactly why we should be excited because none of us really know which direction a Shyamalan movie is going to go. Obviously with the ending of Split, we see Bruce Willis’ Dunn character from Unbreakable which means he’s going to be the protagonist along Taylor-Joy (I’d think) as they deal with Glass and “The Beast” which gets unleashed by the finale of Split. 

This is such refreshing news in the movie world because these are technically comic book-like heroes, but with a much more realistic, frightening style that puts us in a more uncomfortable, thrilling way. Shyamalan has waited so long – as have his fans – to make a sequel to what can be considered his best movie if you’re asking enough people.

Source: Variety



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