David Fincher Closer To Deal To Direct World War Z II

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Paramount finally did what they should have done months ago and that is sign on David Fincher to direct their World War Z sequel. Brad Pitt and Fincher have worked on three other films together (Se7en, Fight Club, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button). The original film lives in infamy as being one of the most insane reshoots in movie history due to nearly 80% of the film being re-shot and the original director being fired.

With Pitt the star and having become one of the most prominent producers in Hollywood, it made sense that he’d want long time collaborator and friend David Fincher to come onto a project that needs a clear sense of direction.

Fincher is famous for being one of the most meticulous directors to work with thanks to his obsession for perfection. The stories are Kubrick in narrative sometimes when you hear about his requirements for shooting scenes over and over again until he gets the one he wants. That’s the type of stability and focus you need on a film that was marred with so many countless problems originally.

Ever since Alien 3, Fincher’s first film that he doesn’t consider to be “his”, was the last and only time he did a sequel or a franchise type of film. His lack of creative control on Alien 3 made for a horrible experience for the director, but since then he has had more creative freedom than most directors, and I imagine Paramount will continue that trend with World War Z II. The film will likely begin shooting early 2018 and have a much less inflated budget – the original went as high as $190 million – and go for a Rated-R rating if Fincher’s other movies tell us anything.

Source: Variety


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