Trio From Hell or High Water Returning For New Netflix Movie ‘Outlaw King’

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Netflix is on a roll with yet another trio of impressive talents making original content for their streaming service. The biggest news for Netflix was landing Scorsese for The Irishmen and that means anything is possible. Now, we can add Hell or High Water cast and director to the list of big name talent to sign a deal. David Mackenzie, a Scottish director, will bring back his actors Chris Pine and Ben Foster for their next film Outlaw King. 

The story will tell a slightly different version of what we saw in Braveheart, but with a large, epic scope like Braveheart. It will follow Robert the Bruce and his fight for freedom from the iron fist of Scotland and England.

No comments have been issued by the star or cast or Netflix, but it sounds like Pine will play the Scottish king while Ben Foster will play the Scottish knight who works as eventual advisor to Pine’s king. Their work together on Hell or High Water is so underrated that it hurts, but at the same time, the film became one of the most profitable indies of that year. With that success, they will move on to Scotland to start shooting the film this August.

While comparisons to Braveheart aren’t usually bad things, with the Scottish director and two fellow Scots serving as producers for the film, I’m sure they want to bring a little bit of accuracy and pride back to a story that tells the incredible story of a king who defied his oppressors to bring his people freedom. Robert the Bruce is the focus and William Wallace will only have a minor role in the grand scheme of things from the reports at Deadline. The source also states there will be a fairly important love story between Robert the Bruce and his Queen who helped his establish the fortitude to do such risky, but necessary things to fight against England and the Scots.

Netflix seems to be giving some serious freedoms to the big name filmmakers as of late, which makes their plight to be the largest streaming giant for good all the more interesting. An epic Scottish period drama like this sounds like it’s built for awards, but also sounds like it could be a return to the epic story of that nature if all pieces fall in line. Still, two Americans playing Scots should be more than interesting.

Source: Deadline


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