Will Smith Could Be A Name Disney Is Eyeing For Genie In Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin

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If Disney can’t get The Fresh Prince in Dumbo as some stupid human character no one will care about, they will try to get him in one of the most iconic roles in film history. In all seriousness, the real question anyone had about possibly creating a live-action Aladdin movie was always and still is about who they get to play Genie. Robin Williams is forever synonymous with the voice role that revolutionized voice acting forever so trying to court star power like Smith’s makes a fair amount of sense… but is it a good fit?

Big Fish writer John August has written the script for the film with Guy Ritchie set to direct. Most people who have seen the animated film know about the iconic songs and score that took home Oscars that year, but the likely nature all the songs are going to return to the film are unknown.

Smith has been a slew of disappointing movies over the past few years, but hopes to bring back some fan fair with his Netflix Original film Bright that will be directed by his Suicide Squad director David Ayer and will act alongside Joel Edgerton.

Smith has only ever voiced an animated character once and that was for DreamWorks’ Shark Tale back in 2004. Smith can do comedy and does have Grammy’s on his shelf so regardless of how they want to portray the Genie, he has the skills to make something out of nothing?

Source: Deadline


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