(Watch) ‘American Assassin’ Trailer Shows Dylan O’Brien Is Ready To Kill Some People

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen Dylan O’Brien after his Maze Runner injuries a few years back, but it’s great to know he has recovered nicely and is back on the silver screen. His talents are worthy of note after he was quickly emerging as one of Hollywood’s stars to look out for. He was my choice for Spider-Man when Marvel and Sony made that deal, but he won’t be hurting to find meaty roles anytime soon.

At first, I was concerned about where this trailer was going, and what the tone was going to be once the action scenes in the trailer kicked in. Then the action scenes of the trailer kicked in. I was still unsure whether or not I was okay with what I was watching. I’ll say this, I think O’Brien and Keaton are going to be fun to watch on screen, but for a New York Times Best-Selling Original Novel, this looked like a dozen things I had seen before, but more brooding.

I’ll probably still give this a check simply because it looks more like a character piece than just an assassin film where some young dude becomes a commando on his own after growing beard that doesn’t suit his face. I want to look passed all that and assume the talent and potential is ripe for the picking.


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