Captain Marvel Now Has It’s Director(s) In Anna Boden & Ryan Fleck

Image result for anna boden and ryan fleck

Marvel goes back to the well to find themselves some ripe indie filmmakers and came out with two for the price of one, probably… you know, because inequality and unfair wages and stuff… I digress. What we are getting with Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck are directors who care about characters and that’s apparent in their film Mississippi Grind starring Ryan Reynolds and Ben Mendelsohn about a gambling addict who goes on a road-trip with his good luck charm and newfound friend in Reynolds’ character.

As excited as I want to be, I still have a stench up my nose from Doctor Strange which I’ve been vocal about when it comes to my distaste for the film as a whole. I like Marvel studios a lot, but I’ve noticed they’ve been a little repetitive (in my opinion) with their origin stories and how they are executed. Casting Brie Larson is always promising and I hope the selection of Boden and Fleck turn out to be more like the Russo Brother’s and their success compared to a few others I’ve considered to be disappointing.

All along the studio wanted a woman director, but it’s safe to say this pairing is more than surprising to everyone. The script has been written and is finished already which was always the priority for the studio and their plans for Captain Marvel.

This reiteration of Captain Marvel will be of Carol Danvers, an Air Force pilot with unfortunate luck of being in an accident only to realize she gained powers from an alien being that makes her a hybrid of Superman (flight and super-strength) and Green Lantern (energy field).

Sources: Variety


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