(Watch) ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard’ May Actually Be A Comedy That Will Make Me Laugh

If any of you have followed my blogging on this stupid site for the two years that I have been running this site then you know how little I’ve laughed at straight up comedies in the last five years or so. Ryan Reynolds is always a shining light through those days and nights when I walk out of a theater unphased by some cheap movie’s “comedy”. Samuel L. Jackson and Ryan Reynolds sound like a pairing for the ages thanks to their distinct senses of humor and sharp personalities pretty much all the time.

When a Hitman needs another hitman to watch him for some reason (who cares it’s funny), all hell breaks loose in a hilarious fashion. Obviously the tropes that make these two successful show up, but the fact that I laughed at literally every second of this trailer is such a shock to the body for me and I’ve never felt so aliiiiiive.

There isn’t much to say besides the fact that this trailer is absolutely hilarious from beginning to end and the Whitney Houston song only elevated the humor as Reynolds starts to fall into his classic dead pan, or should I say “Deadpool” humor that he is taking by the balls and running with.


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