(Watch) Charlize Theron Goes John Wick In New ‘Atomic Blonde’ Trailer & It Does Not Disappoint

Brought to us by David Leitch, fight choreographer and stuntman turned director, we are presented with yet another aesthetically pleasing action film that stars Charlize Theron as Agent Lorriane Broughton, a kick-ass spy version of John Wick, but while she has plenty of bullets, she seems to really enjoy rope as her means to kill. The film also stars James McAvoy who is no stranger to the gun happy, espionage types of films ever since he starred next to Angelina Jolie in Wanted. 

I don’t think I want to nor do I need too, do much selling of this trailer to you guys. It’s a take no prisoners action-spy film with Charlize Freakin’ Theron as the lead. It’s gonna have David Leitch directing which means the action will be absolutely insane, the color pallet will be more neon than a John Mayer song, and the story will likely be minimal yet effective.

I liked seeing Sofia Boutella in there for a brief moment and I don’t think too many people would oppose seeing her and Charlize Theron’s on screen chemistry further… Besides our perverted minds going straight to that, this does look like a sexy movie, but in just the sexual manner we’re all probably thinking. This has style, flare, and a presence like that woman in the red dress at a black and white party. This is the action film that can fill our craving for more John Wick style action until we see what Leitch does with Deadpool 2. 


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