Josh Brolin Officially Our New Cable For Deadpool!

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The long wait for the much anticipated role of Cable has officially found its actor in Josh Brolin. Brolin can be seen in another superhero franchise as the big bad in the next few Avengers films as Thanos. He was also a standout in recent films like Sicario, which he will likely return for the sequel, and has been praised for his roles in films like No Country For Old Men and American Gangster. 

The shortlist and rumored names for Cable varied as much as Skittles in a convenient store, but without the convenience. Actors like Brad Pitt, Michael Shannon, and David Harbour were names thrown around for the role at some point, but all fell through, and when you think about the studio casting Brolin it’s such an obvious choice. Some may consider this safe for Fox, but while it’s safe, that doesn’t mean it isn’t great news. Brolin’s comedy chops are undervalued as a whole which is a shame because his sarcastic wit is what makes him such a good actor. In the darkest films he’s been in, he still has sh** to say.

Sources over at THR say his deal is for four movies which is kind of the reason why it was so difficult to sign some of the bigger named actors. Multi-film deals don’t mean they always and forever have to show up in them, but if the studio wants them too, then they are contractually obligated, otherwise, no payment.

Cable is pretty much the antithesis to Deadpool in all angles you see him. He is a cyborg from the future who is military as heck with a presence people always takes seriously, but it’s with that military characteristic he can go line for line with Deadpool so easily. Brolin does all these things perfectly and it’s kind of funny how his name was never thrown around before.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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