The Academy To Change Oscar Voting Rules For Best-Animated Feature

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The category of Best-Animated Feature seems to get dominated by a branch of Disney’s animation factors such as Pixar and Disney Animation Studios, but we the one percent of movie fans know they aren’t the only ones out there. There’s been an interesting mix up with the rules to voting for Best-Animated Feature Film at the Academies.  It’s hard enough for indie animations to get nominated or recognized by the general public, but with this rule change it could get even tougher for those films to garner recognition.

Variety reports the news that could alter the nominees we see for the Animated Film category:

“Invitations to join the nominating committee will be sent to all active Academy members, rather than a select craft-based group,” the Academy said. “Voting in the nominations round will now be preferential instead of based on a numerical scoring system. Members participating on the nominating committee may view films in their theatrical runs or at other screenings, through the Academy’s streaming site or on DVDs/screeners to qualify to vote.”

What does this mean for those indie animations from LAIKA, Studio Ghibli, and so on? Well, it means it will be even tougher for them to get nominated, and that’s already been an uphill battle from the start. Now, the category gives an advantage to the wide release films.

I’d hope we don’t see some of the straight to DVD level animations get nominated all of a sudden and then the other films are snubbed because of lack of box office or advertising.

Source: Variety


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