From ‘Get Out’ To ‘Akira For Warner Brothers? Jordan Peele Could Be On the Rise

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It took no time at all for Jordan Peele to be widely praised and respected for his work on his original horror thriller Get Out, where you can read my review HERE, and now the director/writer could be a top choice for their adaptation of Akira. The revolutionary anime film is a staple in the genre and has been praised for it’s advancements in its animation style as well as concepts visually and psychologically.

The original anime came out in 1988 and has been a film the studio can’t seem to get adapted. Leonardo DiCaprio was rumored to be producing and possibly starring in the live-action version, but clearly he’s been too busy to even think about starring. Christopher Nolan was another name thrown out there last year as a possible director, but he ended up doing Dunkirk. 

A lot of the hopes for this movie being made could start and end with how well Ghost in the Shell does this weekend, but unfortunately it sounds like Ghost in the Shell is all style and substance that the plot is known for. With Jordan Peele as a possible candidate to direct you will instantly get a film maker is all about the substance rather than strictly style.

Who knows what Peele could do with a large budget, but I don’t think that really matters at this point. I don’t think it’d be the best business decision for Peele to jump into a big budget blockbuster yet after just one successful low budget thriller, especially since he clearly has plenty to say with sociopolitical mindset that he wants to translate into other films. Still, it’s a random, but interesting choice of director they want to court. If Warner Brothers is interested in him, why not give him The Flash to work on? He’s funny and seems to know how to handle action fairly well, but again, maybe big budget films are too soon after just one film.

Source: The Tracking Board


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