(Watch) War For The Planet of the Apes May Have The Best Trailer This Year

Chills. Chills. Chills! If you don’t know Matt Reeves work prior to the news of him doing The Batman just watch Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and the trailer above that is the sequel to said amazing film. Andy Serkis returns as the motion captured Caesar while making the film’s villain a military nut acted out by Woody Harrelson. As if I wasn’t excited for apes on horses (shout out to Kristian Harloff) now we get a chill inducing trailer like this.

The cinematography is something I can’t help but notice right away and it has that aesthetic that gives that realistic and sharp tone to the films production. The drama seems powerful and more gripping than ever while showing the development of the humans and the apes. It just goes to show that humans are never the people you’re supposed to be rooting for when there are animals in the movie.

The voice over in the intro just encapsulates the last two films as well as the growth of Caesar who is truly becoming that Moses like character for the Apes who is trying to bring peace and prosperity to his people. Apes may be one of the few great trilogies if the film’s quality is even equal or better than it’s predecessor three years prior.


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