(Watch) The Book of Henry (2017) Official Trailer Is Nothing You’ll Think It Is

What appeared to be another family drama with a gifted child and a single mother becomes something completely different by the one-minute mark. Directed by Jurassic World and Star Wars Episode IX Colin Trevarrow, this is definitely a different narrative than those two sci-fi properties we know and love.

With Naomi Watts as Henry’s mother and Room standout Jacob Tremblay as Henry’s little brother, this went from family drama (with Sarah Silverman?) to suspense thriller to some weird kind of action movie by the end of the trailer. I’m all in, but I could have done without the last few shots of the film. Selling it as three completely different things like that actually worked really well for the film because it broke any trope we thought it was going to follow and compelled us with each frame.

Hopefully the film has more focus on it’s story’s genre(s) than this trailer does or I’m going to maybe like certain parts far more than others, but to say it’s not original and unique would be a lie. Summer isn’t just for the blockbusters and I think this will be one of those films that goes slightly under the radar, but will be cherished if it keeps that level of adventure like it gave us in the trailer.


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