Joss Whedon Close To Signing To Write and Direct Batgirl Movie For DC

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There seems to be a fair amount of exciting news coming from DC and Warner Brothers as of late with the latest being the news that Joss Whedon could be close to signing a deal to direct, write, and produce a Batgirl film. Sure, this seems weirdly premature with the three DC films slated for this year not even out yet, but clearly the studio is moving on with a different course of action which involves bringing in film makers that can truly sink their teeth into their films while still having the films bolster some connective tissue to the overall universe.

Whedon is famous for his female driven films and television shows, one of the most popular being his being Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, while also being the director for the first two Avengers films over at Marvel.

This would be the second female led superhero movie from DC with Wonder Woman soon to be the first to hit the screens in her own solo effort. Barbera Gordon aka Batgirl is one of the most beloved superheroes ever written and created across the globe so it’s no surprise in the golden age of superhero movies she would eventually be on the priority list for the studio. It could be exciting to see her character interact with other members of the Bat family i.e. Batman, the Robins, Nightwing etc.

To get a different point of view with a character set in Gotham is what excites me the most, but it also means we are likely to get more female super-villains that are long overdue for a big screen adaptation. Thankfully, Margot Robbie and David Ayer are working on that as well with Gotham City Sirens, but who knows if their film gets pushed back or moved forward to compliment the untitled Batgirl film.

Whedon’s style is much different than what DC’s current films have shown, but that could be a good thing to break the monotony of each film thus far while still being able to keep true to the characters and the world she lives in.

Source: Variety


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