(Watch) Valerian Trailer #2 Is Visual Splendor From ‘The Fifth Element’ Director

Luc Besson is a visually strong director, but his story telling and track record has been suspect at best. Lucy was disappointing as hell and The Fifth Element and Leon: The Professional are fairly behind in the timeline since he made those movies. Valerian is the French comic book that basically stands as the zero ground for all science-fiction we know and love and is one of the many inspirations for George Lucas’ Star Wars empire.

With that said, it’s unfortunate this trailer feels more like style over substance at this point, and while the story isn’t overly complex, they are trying to sell us on pretty colors instead of a story. It doesn’t help we have Cara Delevingne in a supporting role and it doesn’t help we have Dane Dehaan – who’s incredibly talented – in another film that will likely cloud his skills yet again. I’m not saying we needed more star power per say, but it wouldn’t have hurt either.

The trailer is gorgeous, but I’m not seeing where I should be getting overly excited for this film. The comics are incredible and the source material spans on for 29 issues with room to still grow, but I’m not convinced enough people are going to see this film if they don’t even know what it’s about.


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