(Watch) First Official Trailer For Stephen King’s ‘IT’ Remake Brings Pennywise Back To The Sewers

Tim Curry’s take on the two part TV series adaptation of IT is memorable thanks to it’s lead, but since then, people have heard rumors about there being a far scarier version that will be even more faithful to King’s novel, and the first trailer seems to do just that.

Nobody actually likes clowns and there’s a reason I root for the bull to win when at the rodeo. Bill Skarsgard is only briefly seen as Pennywise, but what you see is plenty to creep you out. King wrote the screenplay for the film which doesn’t hurt the film’s storyline whether changed or not from the original book, and the atmosphere feels fresh while maintaining a frightening nostalgia of childhood fears.

If a trailer is meant to get someone interested in a film who generally wouldn’t go out to see that film, then this trailer did a terrific job. I don’t usually like horror films, but this seems to be a story and world I want to fall into again with a new director and new actors.


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